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Help save more feline lives!

Working Cats Program

$11,041 raised

$15,000 goal


Every Kitty Needs a Home!

Working Cats is a Friends of the Animal Shelter program at Jackson County Animal Services that seeks to find adoption placement for healthy adult cats that are not suitable for a traditional adoption due to social/behavioral reasons. Working Cats provide a service to the community as pest/rodent control and deterrent. Previously deemed ‘unadoptable,’ these cats now have an option of a positive live release outcome. Adopting Working Cats saves lives!

We have placed Working Cats successfully in barns, farms, wineries, breweries, garages, warehouses, retail shops, police stations, markets, and other property where there are problems with rodents.

The cats are adopted in groups of 2 or more, with a few exceptions. These are unsocial cats who, mostly, cannot be handled by humans and may not benefit from attempts at socialization. However, they DO benefit from the support and companionship of other cats in a ‘work environment’.

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